Are we nearly there yet?

Smiling Louis

All smiles now ... but it was not always so

Any parent knows the importance of delivering on a promise. A young child would sooner forget a sibling on the roadside than the fact that Mum promised a chocolate for staying in bed until the sun came up.

Any parent also knows how unpredictable our beloved little ones can be – and how demanding. Preparing for motherhood mark #2, I was confident I’d have plenty of spare time on my hands during maternity leave. The big sister would be in preschool, the baby would sleep all the time, and I (the expert baby handler by now) would have months at my disposal to uncover London’s best baby and child-friendly destinations.

Well, I didn’t factor in the R word. If any of you have experience of acid reflux, you will understand instantly. For the rest of you, let’s just say the last seven months have been noisy, fraught and challenging beyond belief. Unable to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, or leave the house without hours of screaming, reviewing sorties were pretty much put on hold in favour of physical survival. Occasionally I made it to Victoria train station for a “Zone 1 fix”, but mostly I didn’t stray more than a mile from home – an experience shared by too many new parents, I’m sure.

This isolated phase has highlighted the glaring need for this guide, and hardened my resolve provide it now that life is beginning to return to normal. It’s time to reclaim the city!

So a big “Sorry” to all of you waiting for the guide to launch – we will be getting our skates on now, we promise.

What’s happening next?

  • Our team of reviewers, young and old, is road-testing the best Zone 1 meeting spots
  • Look out for them appearing on the site with maps and transport info as we build up the guide
  • We are working on the technical and design side of the site
  • We’d love to hear your ideas on places to include and the information you need in reviews!
  • Join our focus group and help shape the guide you need
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